Wednesday, 1 May 2013

You have been warned another picture of Scrappy trips.

I did warn you. It has not been the most interesting blog lately (or possibly ever; unless you like fabric and sewing). Here is soft colours scrappy trip again. I want to make seven more blocks.

I had hoped to have the top finished by Friday but I think realistically that is not going to happen. I have a school assembly to attend and I need to make a new bag for swimming lessons. Who would have thought that the £2 bag from Clarks would break? Well me actually. I might still have a Friday finish we will see if I can find some eyelet for the bag at my local haberdashery shop.


  1. Your quilt is looking great! One of these days I need to make one of these too! :)

  2. Its lovely! I currently feel the same way about my blog, I have been working on the same wall hanging for a while, with other projects of course in between... Best of luck on the finish!

  3. You are making very quick progress!