Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Work in progress round up.

A quick round up of my works in progress:

Quilt back for the shirt scrap trip quilt. I have booked the basting table and tomorrow is the it will get basted.
 Finally cut into some fabrics I have been hoarding for about a year. This will be a sampler quilt. The fabrics are Tula pink saltwater and Karavan by Valori Wells and other fabrics from my stash that I think match.

I started a skirt for myself during half term. Probably progress has been slower than I would like.
 Village haberdashery Star block of the month. They are on instagram as starbotm. Can't seem to find hashtag on my keyboard. I am such a techno wizard - not.
 Again finally using some fabrics Karavan fabrics I bought about a year ago. It was a really good deal at Lady Sew and Sew; a giant fat quarter pack, which worked out at £1.50 per FQ. Bargain.
I am trying to improve my curved piecing. The fabric choices are a little cute. My daughters love it though. I worry that is is too sweet and will cause dental cavities. We will see how it turns out.

Linking to Freshly pieced WIP Wednesday.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Hello still here

Well it turns out I am seriously rubbish at keeping up with the blogging. I have have been sewing though.
 I have finished my red white and blue quilt top. This is entirely made from the stash. Total bonus I have managed to get rid of some fabric.

Lots of people we know are expecting. These are for a baby born last week. 

 This a quilt I was commissioned to make for a little girl. The brief was not too pink. Well pink did sneak in but I am not a fan of pink, so I understand about not liking pink but some pink is necessary.
 Bibs for a new year's eve baby.
 Makeup pouch for an 11th birthday. I was filled with makeup and hair suff, just what you need if you are a pre teen. Also great to see the father of pre teen realise what the future holds.
Table runner for the parents.

So this month the plan. Quilt some quilt tops and a table runner and make a another baby quilt.

The bibs are part finishes from my Q1 list.