Saturday, 29 September 2012

Stock take

 I did a stock take yesterday. I was trying to work out how much I would hve to take to the craft fair. yesterday's tally was 4 tote bags,
 4 small quilts,

one cushion and
 21 purses of different styles and sizes.
Not enough clearly for a two day fair. I phoned friend Anna. She told me to relax she has things to sell too and we have till the 13th to make things. As in remember this is a two people venture.

Not withstanding the reassuring words of my friend I do still worry. However my mother will come to rescue. Her hobby is making necklaces and bracelets. When she heard about Anna and my plan she offered to let us sell her necklaces. She has too many to wear and even giving them to daughter and daughter in law and granddaughters she has too many.

So this week I will be finishing the Stripes quilt and making more tote bags and cushions.

Fingers crossed.

Friday, 28 September 2012


I was having a little panic about having enough things for the craft fair (15 days to go - help). I whipped up another little boy baby quilt top.

I liked that all the fabrics had patterns in lines. So I decided to use that as my base.
I tried to explain what I wanted to do to my mother. She was very confused. "Would that be one of those modern quilts as they as call it?" she asked me.

 Uhmm, I guess. I am not sure if it's modern quilting but I like it.

"Well I guess you youngsters like different things. I guess you know what you are doing and it'll turn out all right."

I'll take that as a vote of confidence in my "artistic" abilities from my mother.

I am linking up to Crazy Mom quilts Finish up Friday.

I need to get ready for eldest daughter's birthday party tomorrow. Five girls,  an accuquilt cutter, bondaweb, canvas bags and pizza; what could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Craft fair

There will be a craft fair in my town in October. My friend Anna and I signed ourselves up to take part.   I would like to blame alcohol for deciding to take part but we chose to do this stone cold sober.

 It seemed like a fun idea at the time. Now however less than a month away I am worried. Will I hvae enough to sell? Will anyone want to buy? What should I charge?

Also do I really want to sell purple lap quilt? She is rather cute.

 My puppy (OK she is almost one now, maybe she isn't that much of a puppy anymore) loves my work and was unimpressed at not being allowed to sit on the merchandise.

Better pull myself together and see if I can use the dinning room table to baste the little purple on.

Monday, 24 September 2012

small successes

 Sometimes things go wrong. Like my dryer not heating. Of course it decides to do this on the wettest day of the year so far and we have had a few wet ones I can tell you. But then again sometimes you have small successes. I have ticked four things of my to do list and the birthday cake is in the oven, so almost five things.

Please note Cleaning in caps. Housework is not one of my strong points. Let's just say I need to do something as there will be birthday guests coming this week.

Another small success is getting this baby girl quilt finished. It's a bit pink for my liking but it's not for me. I hope the little girl who will own it will love it though.

BTW do you add things to your to do list? I am sneaky like that sometimes. Like ordering a new cutting mat for my accuquilt. It's not on my list but I did do that too. I have so far resisted adding that to my list. Another success?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Finished 70's vibe boy quilt

 I love this little baby. It was lovely and quick to make. I used my Accuquilt to cut 120 4.5inch blocks.
 Arrange in a pleasing order, sew together. Stand back admire, change some blocks and hey presto.
I used Rashida Coleman-Hale robots from timeless treasures as my starting point. They are just cute. I then had a look at the stash and pulled out some other fabrics I thought were boy style. The dolphins are left over from a dress I made for eldest daughter about 3 years ago. The other sea creatures were part of a quilt for my friends little boy. There are Dinos, road signs and toys. I even included some checks from blouses of mine.

The back is Ikea from their Branslig range.

Now all I need is for someone in my family or friends to have a little boy.

Measurements: 40inch by 48 inch (roughly 1m by 1.20m)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Baby boy quilt

Sorry it's been quiet on my blog for a while. I have been busy writing reports. This would be a lot easier if people sent me excel files in the correct format, however this not the place to complain about work.

I have sewn up this little quilty in a day. I love it. Husband thinks it's a bit 70's in colour. I did have to explain to him that I don't do pastels well and that babies would like bright colours. It is all basted up. Now comes the though part though, what colour to quilt it in? I have blue, orangey yellow and green. I think I might go with turquoise. It will show up lots on the orange squares but Orange would show up lots on the bluer squares.

Any thoughts?