Friday, 30 March 2012

i-pad cover

 Today I made a cover for my husband's i-pad.
 It's not perfect. It's a very snug fit. Also the flap could be better (it is a little narrower than I meant it to be).
 But I managed to fully line it and it has a flap as asked for by husband.
The target audience aka husband is very impressed.

Fabrics are:
Blue flowers courtesy of husband's trip to Israel.
Dark yellow flowers Makeover fabrics.
Pale yellow fabric leftovers from daughter 2's dress.

Have a good weekend.

I am linking this to Crazy Mom quilts Friday finish

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Birthday cushion

 It's friend Anna's birthday on Friday. I decided to make a cushion for her.
I must apologise for the poor colour of the photo. I couldn't find my camera, so I used my i-phone.
Husband brought back some fabrics from his recent work trip. I love the colours and they went really well with some purple I already had.

Daughter 2 loves this cushion and has ordered one for herself. However first I need to go to Tesco and then I need to make some small chickens for as Easter presents. 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Man quilt top finished

 Well I like to think it is finished. However the husband might like it wider. I will find out when he comes home later. If he does want it wider I'll add a border made of little squares in shirt fabric.
 I have added some blocks to remind him of his shirts.
 Little polo player is not upside down IRL. I just pegged the top the wrong way round, sorry. To rectify it would have caused the little dog to get interested in what I am doing, never a good plan.
I hope he likes it. He has been away all week, so hasn't seen it yet.

I am linking to Crazy mom quilts. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The man quilt.

The husband is often neglected or so he tells me. The girlies have two and a half quilts each and he has none, Not one. Husband also has an issue with letting go of his shirts when they are worn out. I think that holes in the elbows mean they are worn out but I am wrong. With a jumper over the shirt who will know?

I of course don't want my husband to feel neglected (well he reads my blog I have to say this. Love you darling), so I took action. I reused his old shirts. I think the lay out is rather pleasing and calming.

This will probably be the most expensive quilt I have ever made. I had to buy no fabric at all but husband did need about 7 new shirts...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cushion cover

I have decided to do something about my guilty conscience. I have decided to turn some (or all) of my orphan patchwork blocks into cushion covers.

This is my first attempt. The colours are really not me. However they are SO seven year old daughter. Thank you Zipit for having the right colour zips. They came in a week all the way from the US.

Please don't judge me too harshly on how I inserted the zip. I think I need to find a good tutorial on how to insert zips into cushions. It turns out that you can't really do the same thing as you do for dresses. Ooops.

Also I think I may need to pad out the cushion a bit with some left over wadding. We'll see what the daughter thinks of it.

On a happy note I have posted the quilts to the Aussie cousins. The cost was bearable. In fact if I hadn't chosen the signed for option it would have been quite a good price.

I had better make a cushion for the eight year old daughter now. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Two Mummy chickens.

Two mummy chickens have joined the flock. I would have taken a picture with the chicks but they went to school with the daughters for show and tell. Now I need to make two cockerels. Oh and a pink chick for one of daughters friends. I have a commission  OK so she is 7 but still it's a commission.  :-)

I am trying to link to Crazy Mom's Friday finish hope it works. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Post office

I need to go to the post office. I need to find out whether I can actually post the quilts to the cousins in Australia.
I am fairly sure I can it just depends on how much it will set me back...
Fingers crossed it won't be too usurious.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And the two log cabins are...

a tiny little chicken. She is now waiting for a family of multi-coloured scrappy chickens to join her. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Can you tell what it is?

 Can you guess what these to little log cabins will turn into? With any luck I will be able to show you tomorrow.

I finished (at long last) a large coaster for my mother. I hope she likes it. It should go well with her placemats

Friday, 2 March 2012

My little helper

 My little helper has been getting into all sorts of mischief.
 I was warned by her breeder that Schipperkes like to be part of the family and like to know what is going on.

I am not sure if trying to help with the sewing is such a good plan. 

She does make a good model for my quilts though. This is daughter 2's flower brickwork. Most of the fabrics are from the Emma's flower range.
 As you can see she is a professional. Here she is trying to find the best spot to pose.

Ah she has settled for the best place. Daughter 1 went with the brick work theme and ran with it. Hence all red fabrics and sand coloured mortar. Again most of the fabrics are from Makeover.