Monday, 29 April 2013

What would you like for your birthday?

Husband:"What would you like for your birthday."
Frederica:"Ooh I saw some lovely fat quarter bundles..."
H:"More Fabric? Do you need more fabric? I thought this was the year to use up your stash."
F:"I thought 2013 might be more the year of One in One out?"

H:"Ahem may I draw your attention to these fabrics."
F:"Oh those. They don't count darling. After all my mother bought them for a monochrome quilt for her. And most of the black and whites were used up in monochrome mark1, so that is fine."

H: "What about the green fat quarters?"
 F:"One in one out. I used up the fat quarters for Easter placemats, so these are fine."
F:"And well these coordinate with the green ones."

H:"Yes, but what about that stack over there?"

F:"They are quilt backs for quilts I need to quilt; and in one case finish."

H:"So which quilt is the scooters for."

F:"The disappearing nine patch."
H:"Disappearing what?"
F:"Technically I might not have started that one yet..."

Husband decided to walk away at that stage muttering something about hopeless and lost cause

Hope that means I'll be allowed the FQ bundle.

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  1. Sounds vey much like any conversation I have with my husband about fabric! Hope you get your FQs!