Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I haven't shared for a while what I have been up to.

There has been some progress on the Monochrome quilt.

 Not enough though. I must knuckle down to get this finished before September.
 I may have started something new as well. I have been using scraps to cut half square triangles with my Accuquilt. Luckily they were just the right size for LynneBobSquarepants block.  It's out of my comfort zone to use black but I rather like it. I have somehow acquired 3 black fat quarters. I will see how far they will get me.
 I bought another die for the Accuquilt (on ebay) and the daughters have had fun decorating old pillow cases.
Daughter one was the photographer.

And I should be finishing this dress. My excuse is that both girls are at home and a horde of playmobils have taken over my sewing room and it's seriously hot at the moment. My hands are too sweaty. I hope it cools down a bit tomorrow.

I am linking to FreshlyPieced for the WIP Wednesday.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Little wallet

Yesterday in the post came an envelope from Quilttaffy with a pattern for a little wallet. Super quick delivery and super easy to follow pattern.

 I made two little wallets today after a quick trip to my local haberdasher to buy some snappy poppy buttons. They cost a princely sum of 8p each.
 As you can see the wallets have been acquired by the daughters. They are perfect for carrying around connect four counters.
 Or real paper money in the case of this purse. Oma and Opa have been round to read reports today and they decided that they were worth some money.
I am afraid that on Monday the money will go to the toy shop and will become Fillies.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Do you remember that I wasn't going to buy anymore fabric until I had cleared the stash? No? Good. Because I went fabric shopping with my mother. Well our local fabric warehouse had a sale it would have been rude not to...
 I bought some more Russian dolls because darling daughter2 wants a skirt from this fabric. The green leaves are for daughter 2, for a dress.
I also bought some boy type fabrics. I have had some requests from friends with boys to make some boy things. I like the robots. But that could well be because they are lime green and blue my favourite colours.

Can't wait to get started. Alas the real world is catching up. I work freelance and I have just been asked to do some work. I guess I had better do it even though it's school holidays. I have to earn money somehow to keep myself in fabric and shoes :-)

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Last year was not a good year for my family. My three grandparents died, Husband's uncle passed away and another of Husband's aunt's divorced. So a bit like that film with Hugh Grant but different :-)

I inherited some embroidery from my Grandma.

 I remember the butterflies, they always used to hang near the door to the kitchen.
 This one I can not remember seeing. My father found it when he and my aunts were clearing the house. It's very long and tiny cross stitch.
 Father remembers my grandmother making it. He really loves it. I like it because the colours go well in our living room. :-)
This is the one I really love. I feel slightly guilty about that because I know it wasn't made by my grandmother. I was made by one of her friends. She passed away a long time ago. I know we went to see her in hospital when I was 8. She was still stitching then even though she had really bad rheumatism. She was a lovely lady as far as I can recall.

The problem with the bell pull with the chickens is that it's a bit grubby. I did hang next to the door and generations of grandchildren and great grandchildren have put their little sweaty prints over it. It's at least 38 years old probably older. It would have been nice if they had been signed and dated. I now understand my quilting teacher being on at us to label things.  How to wash it though. I don't want to ruin it. But I would like it not grubby. Dilemma.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Kaleidoscope Baby quilt finished.

 I finished the scrappy kaleidoscope quilt. The only new fabric I bought for this was the fabric for the binding.
I did consider scrappy binding but decided that would be a bit much. I am pleased with how it turned out. The free motion quilting might need a bit of work but as long as you don't look too closely it's fine ;-)

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cushions cushions everywhere

 I seem to have made lots cushions. This is one for my Mother. She likes Autumnal colours
 Look I made a swoon block on the other side of her cushion. Unfortunately the colours blend a bit too much for my liking.
 These are the daughters' cushions.

Apparently I need to make some more for them to match with all their quilts. Well yes fine but they will soon have too many cushions to fit in their beds. Maybe I'll just make cushion covers and not buy anymore pads.