Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WIP Wednesday - Swim bag 2

 As I explained earlier Daughter 2 now NEEDS a swim bag. She does not have swimming lessons right now.
 So four rectangles were cut. 50cm by 40cm.
 This is how far I have gotten. The grey cord I had in mind for the bag was rejected. It needs to be white. Bag can wait  because Daughter 2 wants to make Paverlova. (I know it's Pavlova but she pronounces it with an er in the middle)

Meringue is waiting for the whipped cream and berries. Shame that husband doesn't like it. More for us. 

Other WIPs:
Goth Quilt finish quilting and bind.
Scrappy trips sew together the last 6 blocks 
Blue green quilt still needs basting and quilting. 

I am hoping to do some scrappy trip blocks after daughters are in bed. Tomorrow I am going to a cosmetics party (think tuppa ware but then different), so probably won't get a chance then. 

Linking to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday. 


  1. You get a lot done even with two little ones to look after! My boys always "needed" whatever the other one had even if it was something they didn't like.