Friday, 31 May 2013

A more productive half term than I had thought.

I had hoped to get more done than I did but all in all not too bad. I made a new drawstring bag for PE lessons. The fabric is so cute. Love the little ladybirds.

  A nice box corner pouch for my mother. You can make one too using Noodlehead's tutorial. Mother wants it to store her pliers in. No, I didn't really think this was strange. She makes jewellery, so that explains it. 
And a pencil case for daughter 1. I took the liberty of using some left over water proof fabric from her swim bag. After all pen do leak sometimes. 

Dress making hasn't progressed as well as I had hoped. That is what my table looks like right at this moment. some math homework, toys, a trivet and some cat food. The cat food is on there because the children were trying to lure the cat away from baby birds. Of course they didn't then return it to the kitchen. That would be helpful. 
I have managed to overlock the dress pieces and the lining pieces. Probably not the Great British Sewing Bee way but I like to cheat. It works for me, so there. Sorry getting that out of my system. 

Bring on Monday when the hordes return to school and I can get some serious sewing done.  

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