Wednesday, 31 August 2011

End of summer holidays

It's almost the end of the summer holiday. I haven't been able to do as much sewing as I would like. I have had to organise school uniform for both the daughters. The plan of having two girls so that you could have hand me downs didn't work out. Daughter 2 is as tall as daughter 1. I have spent quite some time sewing in name labels, a boring but necessary job. Mind you it doesn't guarantee you are going to get your children's clothes back but ay least you have a fighting chance.

I have finished the sampler I started for daughter 1 when she was born. I took to be framed on Saturday. I will post a picture of it when I have a chance. I need to work out how to take her name of the picture, as I don't really want to publish her name and date of birth on the internet.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Baby boy blue not so blue

I really like how this one is turning out. It's not as blue as I had thought it would be. I need to add a border. I am not sure I have the right material though. Most of the squares are made with scrap fabric I had any way. I am not sure I have enough "boyish" pale blue as a border. I need to have a think about it. I could do a piano key border I guess. It will need a border to make it larger. The boy it's intended for will be two soon enough and will get his own big boy bed.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Free motion quilting

I attended a free motion quilt course today. I am not sure it's for me. The whole "free form" and "organic" that the teacher was talking about does not come naturally to me. Anyway this is what I came home with. Tomorrow more free motion but concentrating on borders.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Place mats

My mother would like place mats. I need to make six of these. The discussion now is. Do I make six exactly the same - this is what my mother wants or do I make them all different - as my father would like. Though choice. Husband suggested six the same and another six different ones, that way both will be happy.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

work in progress baby boy blue

I made this pink quilt for my friends new baby girl.

I should have known that her boy would want one too. He is only 18 month older than baby L. about the same age gap as my two girls. I have decided to rectify this terrible mistake.

This is boy boy blue quilt.

Now I just need to finish it. Not the easiest as I am trying to work (freelance editing scientific journals), look after daughters while it's the holidays and keep the house tidy...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Quilts I have finished 2011

I made this quilt for daughter1. I was meant to make a lap quilt at the course I started this year. I guess I got a little carried away.

Daughter2's doll needed a quilt.
And of course daughter1's doll didn't want to be cold either.
Daughter2's hearty quilt. She chose the colours herself and decided where the hearts had to go.

Good intentions

I have the intention to be good and keep this blog up. Well we'll see. This is intended to be a blog about my sewing endeavours.

I like to sew. I like cross stitch and have recently become very passionate about patchwork.

My first venture into patchwork was a hexagon quilt. It only took me 15 years to complete :-)
I then made a log cabin quilt for daughter2 and daughter1. When I took them to the local quilt shop for advice I booked myself onto a course to learn more. I haven't stopped since.