Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WIP _ Goth quilt

I know I have been of radar a little bit and must apologise. There have been things at home to sort out.
There was a stack of forms to fill, car batteries to buy and floors to mop (the snow has melted and has turned the world into one heap of mud. Two children and one little dog means lots of mopping).

I haven't forgotten about the Liebster blog that dietingononeleg tagged me in either. As said I have been busy on the domestic front.

I have managed to find time to do some work on the Goth quilt. I love how it is looks. Now in the future should I think it's a good idea to make an entire quilt out of 2.5inch half squares please tell me to step away from the sewing machine.

Now to put away the groceries make lunch, link to WIP wednesday over at freshly pieced and iron out some more half squares.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Goth Quilt progress update.

 Well the car still won't start but Husband is buying a new battery for it today. My friend Anna has promised to help fit it. Yes, I know that should be a manly job but he won't have time because of work commitments. If he had time I would have had a new battery by now.

I am at home waiting for Tesco to bring me my groceries. I hope they don't forget me. Normally they send a text to confirm your delivery slot but I haven't had one of those. To keep my mind of it I have been cutting more 2.5inch triangles and chain stitching them. You will be glad to learn that the missing 4 black blocks turned up.

As of this morning I have 10 blocks. For the eagle eyed amongst  you the picture shows 8 blocks.  I was so pleased to have found the missing ones I took a picture and have not gotten round to taking one with all 10. I intend to make 30 blocks in total so only 20 to go.

Other WIPs include the monochrome quilt, the blue green quilt and the granny squares quilt that all need basting and quilting. I have backing and wadding for two of them just can't find the space to baste. I have decided to rent to basting room/table at my local quilt shop. It will be so much easier on the back and knees. Also there will be no little black dog trying to "help".

There is a cross stitch sampler I am working on and also a hexagon quilt is lingering somewhere.

I am going to iron the pile of little half square triangles now. Fingers crossed my groceries turn up.

Linking to Freshly pieced WIP Wednesday.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Blue green quilt top finished

 My blue green quilt top is finished. Only took a couple of weeks from start to finish. It would have been quicker if I hadn't run out of white.
 I managed to include some of these little frogs. They were used originally to make dresses for my girls and my niece.
The sunflowers were also dresses for my girls. The blue green fabric in the top right hand corner is vintage. It's late sixties and scandinavian.

I don't think I will put a border on. I think it will look good with a blue binding. Now I just need to wait for the snow to melt, so that I can get to the shops and buy a back and wadding.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sometimes things don't go to plan

Sometimes things don't go to plan. 
I wanted to go to pick up my quilts from the local shop where they were on display. But the car didn't start. We tried to jump start it but no luck. 
So no quilts, no background fabric and no quick stop at Tesco to buy coffee. 
What is a girl to do. Well she get out her scrap buckets and her Accuquilt and cuts lots of 2.5inch squares and half square triangles. 

This is now know as the goth quilt. I know a teenager who will like this. Must dig out the other squares I made. 

Need to cook dinner now. 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Blues and greens

 A quick progress report on my blues and greens quilt. I am rather pleased with it. I have done all this in just one week.
 I am over half way.
Now I will cut more fabric today for the remaining blocks I need to make. There is only one small snag. I have run out of white fabric for the background. My quilt math is shocking. I won't be able to get to the fabric shop till Monday now. I really should just have a load of white in my cupboard for emergency quilting needs. A bit like always having some pasta in your food cupboard.

I am off to do chores now. Speak to you soon.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Found my sewing machine.

I found her, my little sewing machine. If truth be told I knew where she was all along but my sewing room was a guest room for a bit. After the guests left my sewing room was a playroom. I still haven't folded away the guest bed because the girls love playing on it. Tomorrow they will be back at school I will tidy up then. 
I have started on a new quilt for myself this time. It's going to be a version of the shirt quilt. 
 It is going quite quickly at the moment. I have had the fabrics for a while. I bought some packs of fat quarters at Malvern quilt show two years ago and have been hoarding them since then. Having the Accuquilt is making light work of cutting out the fabrics.

Speaking of fabrics. I went to the Lady Sew and Sew sale yesterday. Boy it was busy there. I was only going to buy more white fabric and also some plain black. I have decided to use my scraps to make Lynnebobsquarepants blocks. I had started to make a few with a random black fat quarter I had lying around. I made at least two already but I'll be darned if I can find them. I am sure they will turn up though.

 At Lady Sew and sew they have this great basket with end of bolt type fabrics. I had to have these lovely Mermaids. For my daughters. Oh all right that was an excuse but they are really cute mermaids.
 Some nice pansies also from the scrap basket.
 And some Rashida Coleman fabric was in there too, which had to be rescued.
My mother chose these fat quarters which came as a pack for £8. 

And because the eldest likes ladybirds, so I bought this with her in mind.

In other news I have a black eye after an encounter with an overly enthusiastic Irish Wolfhound. He was very friendly but boy he was large. So when he jumped to say hello he banged his head into mine. I can only hope that it hurt him too.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013

Happy 2013. I hope that you had a better Christmas than we had. We were struck down with a nasty bug. First the youngest child had it for 3 days, she infected the oldest, who was ill over Christmas. The nasty virus then decided to visit me. Boy it was a though one. I am sort of over it now. Well I have to be husband has gone back to work, so I am left to cope now. 

But on a positive note our neighbours are grandparents to a lovely little girl. I decided to give the kaleidoscope to her. I hope her Mummy likes it. I know the Grandparents liked it. 

I got all my christmas sewing done before we were all struck down. This little pouch is for my daughter's i-pod and is the last item I sewed in 2012. 

On the whole 2012 was quite a productive year for sewing. I finished six full size quilts and five baby quilts. About 10 cushions, two dresses and three skirts. I can't remember how many small purses I made. I also made 15 tote bags. And two unfinished quilt tops. 

Priority for 2013 finish to two quilts and make more skirts. I also need to learn to make dresses and skirts for myself. Fingers crossed. 

I am linking to Lily's small blog meet.