Friday, 30 December 2011

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sunday, 18 December 2011

My furry baby

My puppy
I have been after a Schipperke for ages. They are a fairly rare breed in the UK. Finally we have a little fur ball come to live with us. And daughter seems to cured of her fear of dogs. Well, small black ones anyway.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


 I am making Simplicity dress 2828 for the daughters. I have made this dress in various sizes before. They are both size eight now, so I have decided to cut the pattern pieces out. I normally trace the size I want to make the most out of each pattern.

I sometimes do things differently to the pattern instructions. Friend A. was surprised when she came round for tea and sewing and saw me do something she would never dream of doing.
Sew lining to front along arms and neck
 I sew the shoulders of dress and lining leave the side seams open and then sew the ling and dress together, right sides facing.
 I then turn them inside out.
 The way I put zips in is also strange or so A. tells me. I leave the side seams open and sew the back seam closed. 
 Pin one side of the zip along the back seam.
 Zip it shut and pin, then I tack it in.
Then just open up the stitching in the lining, this makes sewing the zip in easier. Use the zip foot and sew it in. Don't forget to make sure you have enough thread on your bobbin - not that I am speaking from experience...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Been busy.

I have been busy but probably not as busy as I could have been. Husband had to use up holidays, so I have been busy looking after him. 
Giant coaster

 I have made a large coaster out of the left overs form my mother's place mats. I just need to bind it and it will be a nice surprise Christmas present. 
Daffodil cross stitch
 I was looking for thread in the embroidery basket I have inherited. I found this little kit in the basket. It's tiny little stitches. I have put a 2Euro cent coin next to it for scale. Not sure what I'll do with it. But enjoying making it.
Flower girls
 I have had a go at teaching the daughters how to do blanket stitch. I didn't realise how difficult it is for little sweaty hands to do this. But they did it quite well I think.
 I like these little fairies and I am thinking of getting some white felt and making little angels for the Christmas tree.
Anchor cross stitch kit
 More treasures were found in my rummage through the embroidery basket. I should take a picture of the basket. Note to self.
Man/shirt quilt
Husband had a sulk that he is neglected in the quilt stakes. He wanted a manly quilt though. I was clearing the cupboards to things to the charity shop. I decided that the cuffs were too worn for a lot of his shirts. The charity shops can be quite picky. So the perfect solution a quilt made from his old shirts. I have made 15 blocks so far, 45 to go.

Other than that I have been busy getting the house in order. We need to puppy proof.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas? I am not. I need to get Sinterklaas out the way first. Quite a tricky thing to make it fun with only the four of us and my parents to celebrate but we try to make the best of it.
I did fancy trying to make December a bit more fun and magical this year. I have made some fun place mats for us. The Father Christmas fabric is from Ikea as is the back. The borders are from Makeover fabrics Christmas range. I must confess I don't think they are all from the 2011 collection. My local fabric shop tends to sell what ever it gets hold of.
I tried to free motion quilt the place mats with stars. I gave up and drew them on instead. I quilted the place mats using Mettler green metallic thread. I like how they turned out and the daughters think they are fab.

I am trying to win an Go Baby Accuquilt. Have you got? If no why not enter here.