Friday, 24 May 2013

Not much sewing this week.

 There hasn't been much sewing this week. There has been baking. I can highly recommend this cinnamon pound cake.
 I guess husband did get the hint and bought me these cute fat quarters from celtic fusion fabrics. I suspect that the daughters helped him to choose. They got me some tape measures that look like snails too. Forgot to photograph them.
 I have decided to put my dress making fears to one side and actually make something for myself. Yes, I do make clothes for the daughters but they have great figures. Mainly because they have no shape yet. There are no hips or waists or breasts to worry about. Making dresses for them is easy. I on the other hand have all of the afore mentioned in abundance. Maybe I will let you see what I look like in my new skirt. Depends how flattering it is.
 Did I mention it was my birthday. Well it was. I bought this cute bag kit with some birthday money.
 How lovely are these little bunnies? They had a bag made up in the shop and it's not too cute because it's brown. I could do with a small bag for school run. Now all I have to do is make sure daughter 2 doesn't steal it.
 The shop had a scarp bucket. You know how it is I couldn't resist a rummage. I thought these two went well together but the green also goes well with the owls. There was more of the green but Friend A wanted some as well. Friend E wanted the third piece. Actually E did very well out of the scarp bucket she found an almost fat quarter of Denyse Schmidt fabric for 50p. Jammy
 I found this cute red riding hood fabric as well.

 Now there was that thing about not buying any fabric in 2013. I know, I know. But I am working on getting rid of scraps. Scrappy trip quilt has helped with that and so will this disappearing nine patch. So I am sticking to my one out, one in policy; sort of   ;-)

Hope you have better weather than we do. It's blowing a gale outside and I am about to light the fire in May. Have a good long weekend.

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