Wednesday, 19 June 2013

More skirts

 This time I am going to make a skirt for myself. I have traced the skirt pattern from The sew Serendipity book.
I am going to make a muslin. So wish me luck.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Made by my daughter

 My youngest has finished her first cross stitch project (Permin My first cross stitch kit). It did take almost a year to finish but it's done.
 She has made it into a little 20cm cushion. The panda fabric was bought at Lady sew and sew. I cut it to size. The thought of letting an eight year old lose with a rotary cutter scared me. I pined it and she used my sewing machine to sew it together.
 Under close supervision, I don't just let any one use my beloved Pfaff you know, and on the slowest setting.
Penny the panda is very happy with her new cushion.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maths homework

My daughter's maths homework was to shade in half the squares. How great would this be as a quilt ;-)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Left over lasagne

Can be so useful to help free up sewing time
 This is what the skirt looked like just before dinner. All it needed was the waistband. 
After a quick trip to the haberdashery this morning to get elastic (why do I always run short of something when I am making something) we have a skirt. Now I just need daughter 2 to come home from school, so that I can make the elastic to size. 

Daughter 1 is having the same but different. 

Must get cutting on the next skirt. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

New project this week.

I was not a good girl on Saturday. I went to the fabric shop. My excuse was I needed a back for scrappy trip quilt. Also I wanted some fabric for skirts for the daughters. Somebody has allowed them to grow, I am sure it wasn't me. 

Today I am going to play with these fabrics. They will become simplicity pattern 1816. Skirt A. 
I did patch up husband's trouser pockets, so I can do this with a clear conscience. There is left over lasagne for dinner, so I can use my time to make a skirt.

Friday, 7 June 2013

This week's finishes.

This week has been a good week for finishes. There was the new summer dress

Then I made two drawstring bags for my friend's little ballerinas. 

 Their mother chose the fabric. It's suitably pink for her youngest but I think the eldest ballerina was after purple. 
 I got the impression that the older girls at ballet wear purple, so she needed a purple bag. Alas our local haberdashery did not have purple ballet fabric. I have sewn in their name tags, so that should at least help them to pick up the right bag. 
Remember I made a pencil case for daughter 1? Guess what? Daughter 2 needed one too. I do like the little animals she has chosen. Good news, it was from the stash, so fabric reduction is still on track. 
And I made a square pouch for myself. 

Now for boring sewing. Husband has a hole in his trouser pocket...  I have been putting it off. Better fix it.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Finished Simplicity Dress (pattern 4721)

 Her dress is finished. Unfortunately my daughter is not the best model and didn't want to stand still. The the dress had be tested for swirly -ness.
 So here are some action shots of daughter 1 in our garden.
 I also found out why I had so much fabric left over. I only cut two of pattern piece 5 instead of four. Minor hold up as I had to cut the remaining two panels. Never mind, I did after all need to 1.8m the pattern states you need. 

I like this pattern (Simplicty 4721) easy to sew, clear instructions and there are three/ four different styles in one pattern. 

Onto the next project.