Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons can commence again. The eldest daughter has a new swim bag. I should maybe not have given her free choice of the fabric cupboard. Daughter 1 chose a rather nice Cath Kidston fabric I was saving. Not sure for what I was saving it but I was. It was a remnant according to the Cath Kidston shop. I don't call 1.4m by 1.7m a remnant but seeing as they were selling it for £5/metre I didn't argue.
I added a waterproof lining, reused the cords of the old bag and hey presto.

 I think some photos of the making process might have been helpful. But don't fear she also needs a new PE bag (Hello Kitty is so "Infants") and daughter 2 needs a swim bag and a PE bag because obviously there can be no bias.

The eyelets presented a small problem. Above is exhibit A. I blame the pictorial instructions on the back. I believe Pym could have done a better job. 

As you can see the eyelets were inserted successfully in the end.

More drawstring bags soon.

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  1. I was too chicken to use eyelets when I made a drawstring bag. I made tabs for the side seams instead. Love the print on the outside of the bag.