Thursday, 15 January 2015

Finished winding ways

 I finished my mini Winding ways quilt. No it's not big it's only 60cm x 60cm but it is a finish. On close inspection you will see that all blocks are perfect. However there is improvement The last blocks are better than the first.

I like how the patterns work. There are circles and ovals. I will have to make a larger version of this.
Because this is going to a young lady who is now 15 days old and around 9 lbs I decided to use fleece as a back for the quilt.

The stats:
60cm x 60cm finished
Accuquilt winding ways 8 inch finished die
Fabric from the stash; no new fabric was bought. The fabrics were all bought at Lady sew and sew.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Resolutions for 2015

Apologies for the long absence. I have been a little bit busy with Christmas etc. My blogging is sporadic at best, so here comes my first resolution: Blog once a week. 
  • Join the Finish Along 2015. This year On the Windy side is hosting it.  Let's hope this will spur me on to have more finishes. 
  • Get better at curves. In a view to achieving this I aim to finish this winding ways quilt. Only nine blocks, so not too hard. It should then be big enough for a baby quilt. Luckily one of my friends had a brand new baby girl on new year's eve. 

  •  Quilt my rowan red and aqua log cabin quilt. I have the back. I have the binding. I just need to go out and buy the wadding. 

  •  Quilt Shirt of my back scrap trip quilt. This top has been finished for almost a year. Better get this sorted. I have everything I need I jus haven't done anything about it. 

  •  Make eight bibs. Two for each baby due at husband's work. This needs to be a Q1 project as all the baby's are due between now and March. 

Not overly ambitious I know. There is a whole long list of other things I want to make and need to make. I am fairly sure that the daughters have outgrown most of their summer clothes and then there are the dress up days at school and school disco to consider too. 

I would like some new skirts. Husband wants a quilt to take in his car. I know there are at least three quilts I have pulled fabric for. I also started a red white and blue scrap quilt, which is making slow progress. 

Wish me luck with all this. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Finish and start

I have finished a little project for my Neighbour. Her husband passed away suddenly from a stroke two year ago. It has taken her a while to clear out his cupboard. She asked me if I could make cushion covers from his shirts. 
 She grouped together three set of colours that she wanted as cushions. We had a fun afternoon looking at different patchwork patterns and she chose the Crystal star, the hands of friendship and the Ohio Star.
 I tried really hard to make these as neat and straight as possible for her. I don't want her to regret asking me to do this.
 I hope she will like these.

Another little commission I am working on is a Christmas stocking.
The brief is Christmassy but not too much. These are the fabrics I chose. There are Christmas fabrics but also just normal dress fabrics and the lesser spotted Christmas Camper van.

Have a good weekend.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Scrap Fest 2014

 The quilt top for Scrap Fest 2014 has been declared large enough by my daughters. It covers a 9 year old child, just. If you look closely you can see her toes and the top of her head.
I am not sure if it needs a border. It's an all right size for a lap quilt (120 cm by 140 cm). I will need to think it through an see what I decide. I also need to raid the stash to see if I have anything for the back. I probably have some Ikea fabric I can use up.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Work in Progress

 Daughter 1 has finally finished her quilt top. It's not perfect. Some of the corners are cut off by the sashing but considering she is not 11 yet I think she did a great job.
 Also I think I deserve a pat on the back for not interfering with her colour choices or getting over protective of my fat quarter stash. I think she has chosen an Ikea print from the stash as back but I  want to be doubly sure before I baste this puppy.
Scrap fest 2014 has grown, maybe not as much I would have liked but the dangerous duo are back at school, so they don't have as much time to help. Also I have some work at the moment, so sewing time is limited. Great to have work but there is so much other stuff I would love to be doing instead. Mustn't grumble. I had better get on.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Scrap Fest 2014

 Rachel over on Stitched in Color is having a Fabric purge. I figured it would be a good plan to join in.
I have been trying hard this year not to buy new fabric and to only use up what I have. So far I haven't done too badly. I have made 4 tunics out of stash, a top for a friend's daughter, a skirt for myself and two dresses for daughters. On the positive lots of things no new fabric bought. On the downside though I have created more scraps.

I have emptied (some) of the scarp baskets and cut the fabrics into 2.5"scraps. The daughters sewed the squares into blocks for me. This was too random for me I have decided to add some cross or X type blocks to get over the random. I hope to get some more done but the weather has been too good to stay indoors and do much sewing.

Linking to the Stitched in Color "Purge".

Friday, 1 August 2014


New set up with two machines
I have made painfully little progress this month. The Girls have been off school since 4/7 and I have managed to make a dress. I can't show you pictures because the daughter has worn it and it is in the laundry basket. 
I have however finally gotten round to getting my little Pfaff serviced. It was sewing forward fine but backwards no thank you. It needed a new step motor. Not a cheap repair I can tell you but cheaper than a new machine. I thought it would be worth it as in 2015 the eldest will go up to senior school and sewing is part of the curriculum. 

 The daughters needed to be kept occupied, so I set to cutting the odd shaped bits that are left over from dressmaking into 2.5inch squares. Brother there are a lot of odd shaped bits. There are the dresses I made, the dresses my mum has made and that means dresses for four granddaughters and one daughter and herself. There are some real vintage scraps.

There also leftovers from other quilts. Lets just say that there is a lot. Never ending as far as I can tell. 

Well better get back to being a peace keeper. The amount of squabbles pre teen girls can have is amazing. If the UN want to come and practice they are welcome. 

I am linking to Lily's Quilts small blog meet. Fingers crossed more will get done in August.