Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Simplicity "Suede says" 1816

 I have finally gotten round to finishing this skirt. It's the fourth one I made using Simplicity pattern 1816.
It's super quick and easy to make. Well it would be if you aren't struck down by some sort of summer flu thing in the middle of cutting and sewing.
Daughter 2 chose the fabrics herself. They are from the Campden Cafe range by Freedom Fabrics.
The small black dog decided to try and get in on the action too.

I will try and be back more sewing updates later.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Heat wave.

 We are in the middle of a heat wave. The British are rubbish with weather. I am sorry but it's true. It's either too wet, too cold or too hot. Mind you at least there is always a topic of conversation.
With summer holidays nearly upon us I decided to make a couple more skits for the daughters. One is almost finished. I just need to attache the waist band.
 The other skirt has not progressed as well.
 I have quilted my sea green quilt.
I have even attached the binding but it's too hot sew down the binding by hand. Great job for a cold evening in front of the TV now however not so appealing.

Schools out at 1.30, so I had better get on with those skits. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finally found my sewing machine

 I finally managed to get some sewing done. Who would have thought that school can be that busy? Daughter 1 now has a new PE bag. Bit late for this year but all ready to go for next school year.
 I was lucky and got the last bit of cord in this colour. I did think black would be more chic but at 9 chic is not important.
 I also made these little 6 inch star blocks. They are so small and cute.
 I photographed it with this coin for size comparison.
Daughter 1 (off sick today) thought that the coin was not that useful, only British people will know what size a 10 pence coin is. I conceded that this is a fair point. The i-phone was chosen as an internationally recognised standard instead. Hope to have more little stars soon. 

I want to keep the sewing momentum up and get as much done as possible before both daughters break up for the holidays. I like having them home but never get much done with them around.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Not much sewing happening

Hi all,
I am sure you are wondering what happened to me. Well maybe not.

I have been busy with paid work and lots of school commitments. I am sure I have not been to that many assemblies When I was at school. I was at school every day last week. I hope show you some things I have been making soon.

Because a post wouldn't be a post without picture:
Here is a G├╝termann thread I have used recently. Look it's made in West Germany. I figure that this may well be vintage thread.
Hope to have some more fun updates soon.