Thursday, 6 June 2013

Finished Simplicity Dress (pattern 4721)

 Her dress is finished. Unfortunately my daughter is not the best model and didn't want to stand still. The the dress had be tested for swirly -ness.
 So here are some action shots of daughter 1 in our garden.
 I also found out why I had so much fabric left over. I only cut two of pattern piece 5 instead of four. Minor hold up as I had to cut the remaining two panels. Never mind, I did after all need to 1.8m the pattern states you need. 

I like this pattern (Simplicty 4721) easy to sew, clear instructions and there are three/ four different styles in one pattern. 

Onto the next project.

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  1. Cute dress- i've not ventured into clothes making yes, but it's on the list, a long long list....