Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday.

 Possibly not the best title for this blog post as I will not be showing any unfinished work. I made another jewellery roll. This time without design flaws.

I have a victim recipient in mind for this one. Hope she will like it.

The daughters are on Easter hols at the moment. So less time for me to play with my beloved Pfaff. However I have just introduced them to Battleships. It's great how a pencil each and two pieces of squared paper can keep them busy. 

Daughter's friend has asked for a notebook for her birthday.  
 No problem said I. We had a look round WHSmith and after nearly collapsing in shock at the price of a fabric covered notebook, I have decided to fashion one myself.
 Daughter 1 & 2 thought this was great. Daughter 2 chose these Bunnies for herself. It was just a little bit short, so little pagodas were added.

 The other daughter chose cows. Of course if dd2 has added detail then daughter 1 needs it too, therefore gingham.

 We weren't sure if friend would like either of those but she does like roses and green and blue.

 I hope she will like this fabric. I have had it in my stash for a while. It's left over from a skirt my mother made for herself. Possibly from Liberty (in the 1980's) but could also be John Lewis. She used to go to three shops when in London, JL, Liberty and House of Fraser. It will be from one of those.

Works in progress are: the Goth Quilt - needs quilting
Blues and greens quilt - needs quilting.

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