Friday, 19 April 2013

A little post before the weekend

I have now done 12 scrap trip along blocks. Having an Accuquilt strip cutter makes easy work of this. I am not sure I would like to do this all with a rotary cutter. I am liking it more. Not in Love yet but it's growing on me.

Talking of accuquilts; does anybody else find the life of the cutting mats a little disappointing? Or do I just over use my accuquilt? Any thoughts on this are welcome.

To pick up the girls, walk the small black dog while avoiding male dogs (it seems that she is most alluring - dog owner will know what I mean :-) ) and then weekend. Hurrah.


  1. I have an Accuquilt, but I don't use it as much as I wish I did. Besides strips what other things do you use it for?

    1. I do use my Accuquilt quite a bit. I have made 6 small quilts with it and three larger ones (goth quilt, blue green quilt for me and a granny squares quilt). I also use it for making my binding. I am pretty rubbish at steering a rotary cutter, so the accuquilt really helps with straight lines.
      I have a ton (all right now somewhat less) of strange shaped off cuts. My mother has made dresses for at least 50 years and she has kept almost all bits that were left over. There are scraps that moved from the Netherlands (NL) then to the UK then to NL again and finally back to the UK via a few years of living in Germany.
      Should probably write a longer post on my accuquilt some time.