Monday, 15 April 2013


 We have been away to visit the in-laws. We went to the Netherlands.
 These are some pictures I took at Madurodam. The daughters thought it was great.
 My parents took me to Madurodam when I was 5 years old. I was decidedly underwhelmed. There do seem to have been improvements in the last 33 years. There were lots of hands on things they could do. Before (33 years ago) it was just the Netherlands built to scale.

The birds were a little bit over friendly for my liking but I don't like the flappy wing thing they do. 

We also went to a cheese maker. They had pretend cows to milk. Probably better than letting the daughters have a go at milking real cows. The cow would need to be extra patient. 

Here is daughter 1 pretending to be a milk maid. They had a great time.

The normal schedule will be resumed shortly. They are back at school today and I am through two lots of laundry, so tomorrow I hope to find my trusted Pfaff.

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