Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Work in progress and a finish

 A while ago I bought this lovely fabric a while ago from M is for Make. Then they had a sale, so I bought another fat quarter. Now call me silly but never checked if they were cut straight. I came to use my fat quarters and found both were wonky. Not just a little bit on the second one. If you want to have complete houses you need to cut two whole rows off. Not impressed.
 Anyway too late to send them back now. I will have to make the best of it. I made myself a notebook cover. Green tulips for the soil and blue for the sky.
 I have been sucked into the scrap trip along thing. Not sure I love it yet but that maybe because of my choice of dark accent fabric. It's almost used up, so I will continue with another colour later.

Must figure out how to join the Flickr group.
I am linking this post to WIP Wednesday over at freshly pieced.


  1. Great notebook cover! I did only a few scrappy trip blocks for a charity quilt and found the process a bit tedious for my liking. The results are nice but all that sewing and cutting and sewing and cutting!!

  2. I love the fabric you choose, but that cutting is horrendous! How could they have send that to you?
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  3. I hate it when fantastic prints like that are mis-cut....but you made the best of it and made a fantastic notebook cover!