Thursday, 3 October 2013


 I am not sure if this quilt would be considered up cycling. The shirts had pretty much had it as shirts. Well That is what my mother and I thought. My father and husband don't seem to mind fraying collars and cuffs.
The back of this quilt (sorry no photos the weather is a bit grey today) is vintage but has never been used as such. The bolt of fabric has just been sitting in a wardrobe for a good 50 years. Not up cycled really.

The quilt is lovely a warm though and has been dog approved. I used quilter's dream white polyester wadding. This is lovely wadding to use. No fluff, easy to quilt and is warm and light. It has to be light this quilt is 2.2m long, so would weigh a fair bit if I had used cotton wadding.
My father is coming to collect it tomorrow. He wanted to come over today but I haven't quite finished stitching down the binding. Not my favourite job. Fingers crossed there is some good TV tonight.


  1. That is how they use to do it, no going out and buying fancy fabrics....looks fantastic!!!

  2. Very nice quilt! When I started quilting I thought I would primarily be an "upcycler" but whenever I go into a fabric store I get seduced by all those beautiful fabrics and I want to work with them. But I still really have a heart for making use of what is around. Great job!