Monday, 30 September 2013

Overcoming my fear of buttonholes

Yes, I don't like them. They are mean and go wonky and are never aligned as well as I would like.
 This bag needs 4 of them on the handle according to the pattern. I made the bag way back in May. It came as kit with the Sew book and was a birthday present from the husband. And then it was left for five month.
 I couldn't face the buttonholes. I don't like the little beasts. It was made a lot easier by my sewing machine having a sensor foot. However even a sensor foot does not cancel out human operator error. My bag only has two buttonholes. Mainly because I couldn't get them to line up.
However my bag has a lining and the pattern doesn't call for that, so all in all I don't feel too bad about the lack of buttonholes. Daughter 2 has claimed this one as hers, so I need to make one for daughter one. Christmas present maybe? I call that a plan. 

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  1. The bag is lovely. I'm not a fan of buttonholes either.