Friday, 11 October 2013

Picnic rug

Starry Night
I have finished my starry night quilt top. There are those who say it is not my best work but I decided to put my fingers in my ears and go Lalala. I like it because it is mostly "up cycled". The stars are all made with left overs from dresses or other quilt projects. I confess that the sashing is not up cycled. I had to go out and buy that. Turns out I had less dark blue in my stash than I thought.

Now here in the UK a picnic rug, and that is after all what this quilt top is destined to be, needs a waterproof back. I have worked with waterproof fabric before and find it rather slippery. Any ideas? Should I use spray baste?
Husband is worried that if I quilt waterproof fabric it will no longer be waterproof (water will be able to come in through the stitching).

It's been a while since I had a Friday Finish. Hope you all have a good Friday and weekend.


  1. This is just lovely, and I ignore anybodies views on my sewing!!

  2. I love the stars with the dark blue "sky". This turned out beautifully. I wonder if you could rustle up one of those old picnic table cloths, with some sort of water-resistant top and flannely bottom to use as the backing? Yes, quilting it would leave holes, but perhaps there is some way to insulate the inside of the quilt where the stitching will be.

  3. I love your quilt. Sorry I have no ideas about the backing.