Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday Finish Scrappy Trip in soft colours

 It's officially finished! It is quilted and bound. One item to strike of the to do list.
 I am really please how it turned out. I chose to use five rows rather than six. I used the same lay out as Quilt Taffy. They have made a useful addition to the original tutorial. My quilt measures 60" by 80", just right for a 10year old or so she tells me.
 Husband should be pleased with this quilt. The only new fabric I bought was for the back; even the wadding is from the stash. I fankensteined two large pieces of wadding together for this quilt. Not pretty but it's on the inside, so no one will know.

It's not all "up cycled". Most of the fabrics were left over from dress making, some however were bought previously on a whim because they were cute and were never used.
 A close up of my not so fab quilting. Again, no new thread was bought. I have done more quilting on this than on any other quilt.
Daughter wanted it every row quilted. I felt every other was more than enough. I like the pale butterflies she chose for the back. Very in keeping with the rest of the quilt.

Now that I have used up so much fabric I have made room for some more. I think I know what it will be too. ;-)


  1. Congrats on the finish - I'm so impressed that you were able to use so many things you already had!!