Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nothing left.

 Mr Frederica sometimes worries that I buy too much fabric. He is worried, or so he claims, that our house does not have the structural integrity to take the weight of all the fabric. He was therefore very pleased that I have used up the entire 50cm of this pretty flowery print.

Technically it hasn't left the house and the weight issue therefore is not gone but he hasn't worked that out yet. Please don't enlighten him.
As mentioned previously Daughters 1 and 2 are now at a new school. At this new school there are outdoor shoes and indoor shoes. The outdoor shoes need a shoe bag. Daughter 1 told me this on Thursday, so I had quite a lot of notice. Daughter 1 made the felt flower for me to pretty up her bag. (on the accuquilt) 
Daughter 2 however forgot that she too needs a shoe bag. She only told me when I was half way through making this bag. Guess what I'll be doing tonight. 

The remaining meadow print fabric was used to make this little cushion. Daughter 1 did the cross stitch and used the sewing machine to sew it together. With my help. I am not letting her lose on my Pfaff without supervision. Although I didn't supervise her closely enough. She managed to drop the feed dogs and found sewing rather tricky. After making the acquaintance of the un-picker and a lengthy sermon on why you don't press buttons without may say so, the cushion was completed.
She is very proud of her work and so am I. She has poor eyesight and not stereo vision; as a result she is rather clumsy. I hope this cushion gives her more confidence to tackle other crafty projects.

I am off to choose fabrics from the stash for daughter 2. Have a good rest of Sunday.

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