Monday, 16 September 2013


I have just realised that there has been a terrible omission from my blog; MY finished quilt. A quilt I made for myself and I am not sharing it with the offspring or the small black dog.

Or my parents, even if mother keeps hinting how much she likes blue and green. This is mine and I am keeping it.

I made it using my accuquilt 4.5 inch half square triangles and 2.75 inch squares. Love making quilts out of all the same blocks. It is so much easier on my poor brain. 

 Fabrics are mostly Fabric Freedom colored dream, some left overs from dressmaking and a lovely peacock print bought at M is for Make. The back is PB textiles and was bought at Lady Sew and Sew.
It is 1.5m by 2.0m a good size for snuggling under. 


  1. I love it - glad you remembered to post it:-) Those greens and blues are lovely and they and the pattern are just right for each other.