Monday, 23 September 2013

Starry night

 A little while ago I had some orphan navy blue squares. They were going to be cushions but then I changed my mind. We don't have a picnic blanket and I think we need one. I am going to add some more 6inch stars and add sashing.

I don't have a design wall. I have to use the floor. This has certain disadvantages. The knees suffer but also the small black dog likes to give her input on my work. Not always the most helpful.

In other news I have started a facebook page. Come over and say Hello.

Hope to have more stars tomorrow. I may not though; I promised to make apple pie. After last year's abysmal harvest the apple trees are making up for it this year. I don't want to waste this bounty, so I have spent a couple of days peeling apples already.

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  1. It's beautiful .... 're handy .... I like to look at you :-)