Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cushions cushions everywhere

 I seem to have made lots cushions. This is one for my Mother. She likes Autumnal colours
 Look I made a swoon block on the other side of her cushion. Unfortunately the colours blend a bit too much for my liking.
 These are the daughters' cushions.

Apparently I need to make some more for them to match with all their quilts. Well yes fine but they will soon have too many cushions to fit in their beds. Maybe I'll just make cushion covers and not buy anymore pads.

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  1. We have a huge cushion problem in our house, you can't actually sit on the sofas because there's so many cushions on there and it takes 5 mins to get into bed as you have to remove all the cushions to the floor first, but I like how they look!

    I love your cushions, to me there's something quite roman mosaic about them, I think it's the quilt design and then the fabric choices. particularly when you see your daughter's six cushions all lined up. They're great :)

    (When I've just tried to publish this comment I've discovered you got word verification turned on, I've just written a post about that that you might want to have a read of http://madebychrissied.blogspot.com/2012/06/tutorial-dreaded-comment-word.html). I hope I haven't offended you in saying, Chrissie :) )