Friday, 20 July 2012


Do you remember that I wasn't going to buy anymore fabric until I had cleared the stash? No? Good. Because I went fabric shopping with my mother. Well our local fabric warehouse had a sale it would have been rude not to...
 I bought some more Russian dolls because darling daughter2 wants a skirt from this fabric. The green leaves are for daughter 2, for a dress.
I also bought some boy type fabrics. I have had some requests from friends with boys to make some boy things. I like the robots. But that could well be because they are lime green and blue my favourite colours.

Can't wait to get started. Alas the real world is catching up. I work freelance and I have just been asked to do some work. I guess I had better do it even though it's school holidays. I have to earn money somehow to keep myself in fabric and shoes :-)

Have a good weekend.

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  1. You have perfectly good reasons. First, you can not be rude. Second, some of this is for clothing which is a basic necessity. This was certainly not a frivolous purchase.