Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Finishes two and three

The constant battle to keep up with my daughters' growth spurts is not easy. Remember how I wasn't going to buy anymore fabric in 2014 well that plan went out the window. I had to buy fabric for these two tops because I had no fabric they liked. It was on sale at Lady Sew and Sew
 I used Simplicity pattern 1532. Now the picture looks a lot like PJ's. But that is a minor detail. I had to recreate a favourite top from H&M that really wasn't going to fit anymore. The daughter was optimistic, she thought at age ten she would still be able to fit in size 7year old. (It might be helpful at this point to show you a picture of the old top but I forgot to photograph it.)

The daughter that will be the recipient of the orange top insisted on pockets. EVERYTHING should have pockets. This is what she believes. Luckily her school agrees and the pinafores have pockets, the blouses have a breast pocket and the coat has no less than five, yes you heard that right FIVE, pockets. The pattern doesn't have pockets, so I fabricated a patch pocket. In my opinion it's too large. Daughter is over the moon with it though. The client is happy, so that is all that counts. 

Maybe if we are lucky and they are in a good mood they will model for me.


  1. I was laughing because my daughter (4) insists on pockets too--and won't wear anything without them. ;) Great tops, sweet and comfy.

    1. I have made another tunic with smaller pockets this time. It has already been used and is in the laundry now. At least she likes it.