Friday, 10 January 2014

Fabric Friday

I had hoped to have a Friday Finish. Alas it is not going to happen.

I did finish something this week but that was on Tuesday.

Are these owls cute or what? This basket has gone to live with a friend. I hope she likes it. The colours don't come out well on this picture but it has been bad weather here all week. 

The reason why I didn't finish anything is because of the weather. You may have heard on the news that Oxfordshire is flooded. Thankfully we are not affected. We live on higher ground. Some of the routes to work and school round here have been closed though. This has meant more traffic. It took me three hours on one day to drop the girls at school. I hope the flooding will pass soon. 

I do adore alliteration though so I give you: 
Fabric Friday. 

I was a good girl last year and used up lots of fabric. 2013 was the year of the one in one out, so these fabrics were allowed. 
Rowan fabrics in red. I love red but it also scares me and I don't often use it. I am going to use the aqua fabric with these reds. I just need to finish the scrappy trip quilt and then I can start on this one.

Maybe next week? I only have 16 more scrappy trip blocks to make. Probably not. I also need to make two blouses. It seems that my daughters don't just outgrow one item, they outgrow their whole wardrobe. Who would have thought? 

Have a good weekend. 

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