Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Busy getting ready for Christmas.

 It's been a busy week. I made a skirt for myself and the oldest daughter (sorry no pictures yet). I sewed a load of little purses (all presents, so again no pictures) and these gorgeous placemats. You can't really tell on the photo but the blue is sparkly and glittery.

 This is what my table looked like today. My mother would like a Christmas table topper, so I am sewing up some stars and pine trees. Well that is the plan. 

I have also managed to make husband his wash bag. I hope he realises how much I love him. Not only was he allowed free reign over the stash but when he chose the lovely Heaven and Helsinki print I didn't object. He will have to show it off at every opportunity though and praise my skills.  Well there has to be something in this for me.

I am waiting for the Domino's man to come. Daughter 2 has asked for it as a birthday treat. They don't get fast food very often, so this is exciting. The fact that it is being delivered possibly more than the food itself. 

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  1. I love that washbag - your husband has excellent fabric taste:-) I hope he shows his appreciation in all the right ways!

  2. Lovely fabrics in the place mats. I would have had a hard time giving up that fabric for something for my hubs. Hopefully he does share with everyone!

  3. Oh...just love it all!!!! What a fun blog!