Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Sewing and small blog meet.

 I have been stupidly busy this week. There has been an Advent Assembly to attend, then the traffic on the A34 was so bad one day that I might as well not have bothered trying to go anywhere. (the diversions were the route I take to pick up the daughters). I volunteered to help at the Christmas Fayre, so that was three days of not seeing my beloved Pfaff.
 Today however I found my sewing machine. The daughters did their homework on the table I was sewing at. Not always the easiest way to sew. I used my cute Japanese fabrics to make some purses for a Craft evening I am attending.
 I love this super cute box corner pouch. You can get so much in them. I thought it would make a great little first aid pack.
 I think you need to be cold hearted to not love these little girls in Kimono.
 I just need to find a popper stud for the purse on the right.
Daughter 2 "needs" one of the kimono girl purses. I don't see her need as much as she does. But they are lovely.

I am linking to Lily's Small blog meet. Hope you all have a great first Advent Sunday.


  1. Greetings! I found your link on Lily's Small Blog Meet. I love your little pouches with the boxed corners! Have a Blessed Advent Season!!

  2. Your zipper pouches are super cute! I have yet to try any, but have signed up for a class in February!

  3. The japanese fabric really compliment your cute pouches!

  4. Cold hearted not to like the kimono girls, totally agree!
    All cute, and I understand your daughter's need for one!

  5. Those are adorable!