Friday, 1 November 2013

Small blog meet October round up.

Well I have managed to make a mosaic of the things I have made this month. First time ever. This is a big deal for a techno numpty.

I didn't think I had made that much this month but looks like I did all right. I finished two quilts and finished a quilt top. I also started another scrappy quilt but he needs to wait for now because I need to make Christmas things.

I had hopped to have the Christmas placemats finished but due to half term holidays and halloween that did not happen.

Fingers crossed November will be as productive.


  1. hello! love what you made and I am still a techno numpty after making loads of these collage thingies so you are not alone! xx

  2. It seems like a busy month to me! No matter how many things I make, I always feel like I should have, could have made more!