Monday, 4 November 2013

Taking pictures isn't as easy as it seems

 This morning I decided to finally sew these disappearing nine patches together. It wasn't raining, so quick let's take pictures.
 Now I tried indoors but the colours didn't look right, so outdoors I went. Hmmm well it would seem that the ground is muddy. No idea how that could have happened in the UK in Autumn. This then means that my favourite place to photograph (the outside furniture) is out of bounds.
 Not because this little quilt top would drape over floor but because the Schipperke will sit on it. Being a rather white quilt this would not be a good plan.
 On the washing line it went. So still not the right colours, as the washing line is in the shade after 12pm. Also it was windy, so lots of flapping to deal with.
Anyway; one quilt top. I think I will add a border. I looks like it needs one.

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