Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013

Happy 2013. I hope that you had a better Christmas than we had. We were struck down with a nasty bug. First the youngest child had it for 3 days, she infected the oldest, who was ill over Christmas. The nasty virus then decided to visit me. Boy it was a though one. I am sort of over it now. Well I have to be husband has gone back to work, so I am left to cope now. 

But on a positive note our neighbours are grandparents to a lovely little girl. I decided to give the kaleidoscope to her. I hope her Mummy likes it. I know the Grandparents liked it. 

I got all my christmas sewing done before we were all struck down. This little pouch is for my daughter's i-pod and is the last item I sewed in 2012. 

On the whole 2012 was quite a productive year for sewing. I finished six full size quilts and five baby quilts. About 10 cushions, two dresses and three skirts. I can't remember how many small purses I made. I also made 15 tote bags. And two unfinished quilt tops. 

Priority for 2013 finish to two quilts and make more skirts. I also need to learn to make dresses and skirts for myself. Fingers crossed. 

I am linking to Lily's small blog meet. 


  1. Hi! I found you through Lily's small blog meet. Your quilt is beautiful and so are your other crafts. The pig fabric caught my eye. The husband has a particular liking for pigs so I'm often on the lookout for pig prints.

    1. HI Nina,
      The pig fabric is from makeover it's on sale at my local fabric warehouse

  2. Wow! That is really a pretty quilt. You really have accomplished quite a bit this last year. (Cute little bag with the pig too!) I hope by now everyone is feeling much better. I found you at Lily's, I'm following you now.