Thursday, 13 December 2012

Trying to get ready.

It's been a little frantic. I have made a Greek chiton (tunic) for the youngest daughter. All right that wasn't particularly tough. After all it is only a sheet with the sides sewn up and a hem.

 The hair do was more complicated. Lots of hair spray and lots of pins later this is what I came up with.
 The full length photos didn't work out. She is too aware that I am taking pictures and then poses. But Look! She is cross stitching and she can even thread the needle herself. OK not all the crosses go in the same direction and some a slightly different size. However this is her first cross stitch kit and I think she is doing very well.
I converted a gold or should that be base metal with a gold finish necklace into Greek jewellery for her.  All in all not too shabby and her teacher was pleased with the "project homework". Surely teachers must know it's the parents? 

The older child is in a school play this year and is a cook in a Victorian workhouse. Yes, that's right they are doing Oliver Twist but we are not allowed to call it that. Something to do with copyright. 
I have converted some old clothes of mine to  make her outfit. It is a scary moment when you realise that your old petticoat is in fact older than the "woman" who teaches your child. Maybe I am just old. 

I made some earphone purses for friends' children for Christmas. I found the pattern for these in Making magazine. They still need some key rings and some chocolate coins, then job can be ticked of my list.

I aslo made a couple of other things for people but they know my blog address, so no pictures yet.

Of course there are always more things that I need to make but this will have to be it for a little while. We have guests coming to stay next week and I am sure I have mentioned before housework is not my strong suit. So, with that in mind, I am off to find the Dyson.

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