Monday, 7 January 2013

Found my sewing machine.

I found her, my little sewing machine. If truth be told I knew where she was all along but my sewing room was a guest room for a bit. After the guests left my sewing room was a playroom. I still haven't folded away the guest bed because the girls love playing on it. Tomorrow they will be back at school I will tidy up then. 
I have started on a new quilt for myself this time. It's going to be a version of the shirt quilt. 
 It is going quite quickly at the moment. I have had the fabrics for a while. I bought some packs of fat quarters at Malvern quilt show two years ago and have been hoarding them since then. Having the Accuquilt is making light work of cutting out the fabrics.

Speaking of fabrics. I went to the Lady Sew and Sew sale yesterday. Boy it was busy there. I was only going to buy more white fabric and also some plain black. I have decided to use my scraps to make Lynnebobsquarepants blocks. I had started to make a few with a random black fat quarter I had lying around. I made at least two already but I'll be darned if I can find them. I am sure they will turn up though.

 At Lady Sew and sew they have this great basket with end of bolt type fabrics. I had to have these lovely Mermaids. For my daughters. Oh all right that was an excuse but they are really cute mermaids.
 Some nice pansies also from the scrap basket.
 And some Rashida Coleman fabric was in there too, which had to be rescued.
My mother chose these fat quarters which came as a pack for £8. 

And because the eldest likes ladybirds, so I bought this with her in mind.

In other news I have a black eye after an encounter with an overly enthusiastic Irish Wolfhound. He was very friendly but boy he was large. So when he jumped to say hello he banged his head into mine. I can only hope that it hurt him too.

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