Saturday, 29 September 2012

Stock take

 I did a stock take yesterday. I was trying to work out how much I would hve to take to the craft fair. yesterday's tally was 4 tote bags,
 4 small quilts,

one cushion and
 21 purses of different styles and sizes.
Not enough clearly for a two day fair. I phoned friend Anna. She told me to relax she has things to sell too and we have till the 13th to make things. As in remember this is a two people venture.

Not withstanding the reassuring words of my friend I do still worry. However my mother will come to rescue. Her hobby is making necklaces and bracelets. When she heard about Anna and my plan she offered to let us sell her necklaces. She has too many to wear and even giving them to daughter and daughter in law and granddaughters she has too many.

So this week I will be finishing the Stripes quilt and making more tote bags and cushions.

Fingers crossed.

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