Monday, 24 September 2012

small successes

 Sometimes things go wrong. Like my dryer not heating. Of course it decides to do this on the wettest day of the year so far and we have had a few wet ones I can tell you. But then again sometimes you have small successes. I have ticked four things of my to do list and the birthday cake is in the oven, so almost five things.

Please note Cleaning in caps. Housework is not one of my strong points. Let's just say I need to do something as there will be birthday guests coming this week.

Another small success is getting this baby girl quilt finished. It's a bit pink for my liking but it's not for me. I hope the little girl who will own it will love it though.

BTW do you add things to your to do list? I am sneaky like that sometimes. Like ordering a new cutting mat for my accuquilt. It's not on my list but I did do that too. I have so far resisted adding that to my list. Another success?


  1. Love the quilt and you make me laugh with your comments about your 'To Do' list. I love your sofa - strange comment I know but I had an Ikea sofa that looked just like it back in England, in the kid's TV room and I sold it when we were moving out to the States - your pic brought back memories for me :)