Thursday, 28 February 2013

New Toy

 My sewing scissors were blunt. I took them to a local iron monger, who I thought sharpened tools. Turns out they did used to but they stopped doing that about 10 years ago. Drat. Well only one thing to do then, buy new scissors. While perusing the scissor section on Amazon I spotted these "wonder clips" by Clover. I have read good things about them on other blogs. Bit of an impulse buy but in my basket they went with my scissors.
Can I just say sharp scissors are so much easier to use.
 These wonder clip jobs are fantastic. They really helped me sew on the binding on the Granny Squares quilt. No pin pricks in my fingers. No numb left hand and best of all I already have the binding all sewn down. Only took a few hours for a 150cm by 200cm quilt. How great is that?

Here they are in action. Bit of a poor picture because it was night time but you get the idea. If you have been wondering if they really are "wonder clips" I can tell you they are great. Would not call it a wonder. As Friend A pointed out they are like those clips you use in woodwork but smaller. Not a miracle or wonder but jolly useful. 

Yesterday, you may recall, I was feeling rather smug. That is all gone. I have noticed how much laundry needs ironing and small black dog was bored. 

As you can see she shredded her pillow. She also found the kindling basket for the fire. I now have lots of little tiny bits of wood in the living room rugs. I would share a picture but the wood blends into the rug. As you can imagine I only found out about the wood when I walked around without slippers on.

I am off the restore order and clam. Granny squares quilt is in the washing machine. Provided there are no major incidents finished quilt picture tomorrow. 


  1. It's so much fun to find new gadgets that work. And anything that makes binding easier to do IS a wonder. Binding is my least favorite part of quilting.

  2. I think i need some of those clips - i steal my daughters bendy snap hair grips! Love your granny squares quilt - think i need to use up some scraps that way too!