Friday, 22 February 2013

Goth quilt is a Friday Finish

 I have added the polka dot border and I think it looks fab.
It is rather larger than first planned. Not that is a bad thing. It is now roughly 1.60m by 1.90m. Probably a bit too large for a single bed but a good size for a double. I hope that the 16 year old will still like it when she upgrades to a double bed.

Now comes the tricky part; quilting it. I like the idea of using Quilter's dream green wadding. It's recycled, which is a good thing, also a lot of this quilt is made up of "up cycled" bits of fabric, so would kind keep that theme going. My problem is I have never used it before. Does anyone have any experience of using it? Is is any good? I normally use 80/20 sew simple wadding because they sell it at my local shop.
I have used polyester in a couple of baby quilts. I didn't like the finish. Mind you this was when I first started quilting and the haberdashery I bought it at didn't really know anything about quilts or wadding.
Or should I used black wadding? If anybody has any thoughts please let me know.


  1. No experience of using that partcular wadding, but I have had a nasty experience with a white cotton wadding underneath a dark navy quilt. Lot of bearding, so I stick to dark wadding these days if the quilt requires it. I love the black with the brights.

  2. This is really great! I have never used that "wadding" (we say batting), but I do suggest you use black so that it doesn't beard through (or show when it does). Good luck!

  3. Oh my goodness I absolutely love this and I think your daughter will too! I'm 19 and would love that in my room!
    My mom and I use wadding/batting on a lot of our projects, the black batting might be a good idea because it sometimes pulls through.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. The top is fine!
    I really likes to sew one for myself,-)

  5. I have quilted with the green batting. It quilts up nice. And there is no bearding so no worries with the black. It does show through on some light fabrics but you shouldn't have any problems with this lovely quilt.

  6. Stunning like a stained glass window:)

  7. Looks beautiful. Haven't tried the batting yet, but I am sure it is great as I have tried other quilter's dream battings at they always turn out nice.