Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Granny squares.

 On my machine today is a Granny Squares quilt. I finished the top in July last year, so it's been maturing in the cupboard for a while.

I wish I were better at FMQ but alas I am not. I did take a course a couple of years ago. Somehow the tutor and I didn't gel. It was very much her way or the high way. Also she had little time for the artistically challenged (that would be me). So straight lines it is for now. I have heard that another lady locally gives courses. I spoke to her at quilt show and she seemed nice. I must look into booking a course with her.

When Granny Squares is finished it will go on a long journey to Australia. It is going to go and live with my brother. Apparently it gets cold in the Australian winter. I bet it isn't as cold as old Blighty though. We somehow seem to specialise in damp creeping cold.

Back to the grind stone. I am feeling very smug today. I have done the shopping, Small black dog has not chewed up anything, so my floor still looks hoovered. Carrot and coriander soup bubbling away for tonight's dinner. Fingers crossed everything stays well balanced.


  1. lovely quilt, I plan on making a granny square quilt one day!

  2. Your granny squares are so cute! As for FMQ, it's tough! It's taken me a year (with no class) to get to a place where I'm feeling confident. And I totally hear you on the "artistically challenged" thing - making myself sit down and doodle with thread is really starting to open up the artistic part of my brain! Good luck!

  3. It's beautiful! Soooo lovely.
    Visiting from WIP Wednesday. Have a great day.

  4. Granny squares is such a great pattern! I'm with you on being a straight line quilter:) Can I come over for dinner? That soup sounds delicious;)

  5. I have just posted about my granny square experience. I love your sashing and may "borrow" it when I finish mine. Nice work.

  6. Wombatquilts beat me to it - I love your sashing idea and might have to borrow it as well! Love your quilt :)

  7. Your quilt is lovely. I like all the different fabrics you incorporated into it. In my experience free-motion quilting is an acquired skill that just gets better the more you do it. I suggest that you practice on a small piece and doodle until you find a pattern or form that seems natural to you. Then practice that pattern until you feel you've kinda mastered it. Use it until you feel like trying something new. I know a quilter that only does one kind of quilt stitch pattern on all her quilts.

    1. Thank you for words of encouragement and the tips on FMQ. I think you are right and I ought to give it a go again.