Monday, 3 December 2012

Make up bag.

 I used Noodlehead's open wide pouch tutorial to make this little make up bag.
 Now those of you who know me will be calling out right now: You never wear make up. Not even on on your wedding day. No, lipstick does not count as make up on your wedding day. Why do you need a make up bag?
 Well I don't. Who says lipstick doesn't count? Anyway it's for my mother in law. She does wear make up.

I used waterproof fabric for  the lining. I would include the link where I ordered it but I can't find the link anymore. Friend Anna ordered it for me, I am blaming her :-)

Now that is one present sorted. Only need to make 2 i-pad covers, 1 i-pod cover, at least 4 zippy purses and 1 pencil case. No worries. Lots of worries but I am not letting on.

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