Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

 Project Advent Calendar is coming along well. All the numbers are on and the pockets are basted together.
 I need to cut sashing for it.

I am carefully avoiding thinking about the monochrome quilt that still has 20 or blocks to go. Also the EP hexagon quilt is languishing somewhere. I also have a granny squares quilt that needs to be quilted.

I am not even touching on the skirts my daughters want. Partly because they were sneaky and grew, which means I have to trace the pattern in the next size up. Not my favourite job.

Got some post today from M is for Make. Love these prints. Not sure what they will be yet but I think they are a fantastic Dutch theme. I know Patty Young calls the range Heaven and Helsinki but I think she meant Amsterdam.

I am linking to Freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday 


  1. Your calendar looks great. It is a little bit strange for me to have 25 pockets, in our country Czech Rep) presents are under the tree on 24th, in the evening. So we have just 24 pockets.

    1. I grew up in Germany and I agree it should be 24. Husband is Dutch, so he can't see the point at all as they get their presents at St Nikolaas (5th of December).

  2. what a lovely project. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.