Friday, 23 November 2012

Quilt top done.

 I appreciate that you are all probably bored by the black and white quilt by now but I thought I would explain it's origins. Last year about March my Grandmother was moved into a care home. She had ordered herself a new bed. A swishy one which moved up and down and helped you to sit up. My Grandmother loved clean simple lines and the bed was to be black and modern. My Mother wanted to make her a black and white quilt to go with the bed. Unfortunately and unexpectedly my Grandmother passed away. 

My mother had not even had time to start the quilt but had bought the fabric. Well it would have been a shame to waste the fabric, so mother started to make squares and my Dad liked the look of it, so he wanted the black and white quilt. 

My mother's original plan was to make a sampler quilt with sashing. I did not like the idea of that. I had seen a black and white sampler quilt at a show and I didn't like it (won't post a picture I think that would be unfair). At local a fabric shop they were running a course and the blue and white quilt and the purple quilt were made by two ladies on that course. 

I tried to persuade Mum that this style would be well suited to black and white. 

She wasn't sure. How would she go about this and how would that all work? I tried to draw it out for her. She liked it. Somehow during that conversation I agreed to make the quilt. 
So here it is finally a finished quilt top. It isn't exactly like the two quilts form my local shop. Then again they aren't exactly the same either. 

 I love Monochrome Quilt. I didn't always love it. I found it hard to get the right amount of contrast. On the whole though it works.
 The sun even came out to let me take some pictures. The border is makeover fabric with bicycles. Chosen by my Dad because he is Dutch and they look like Dutch bicycles.
 Sorry no full length shots. There are three reasons for this.
1: The quilt is long (2.2M) and my chief quilt holder upper (husband) is at work.
 2: The grass is really wet. Those are my legs after walking the dog, so I know it's not only wet but muddy as well.

 3: The little black one likes to test quilts for me. I am not sure muddy dog will be a good look on the Monochrome quilt.


  1. Your black and white quilt turned out to be just lovely. I think it does have the right amount of contrast. Nice work.

  2. It looks really wonderful - I love the photos of it hanging in the sunshine.

  3. Nice work! I'm not big on black and white quilts, however I really like yours. I hope it will be a wonderful memory of your Grandmother even though she never had a chance to enjoy your gift.

  4. The quilt is fab and what a beautiful memory :)