Thursday, 11 October 2012

Craft fair the saga continues

 I made some more things for the craft fair. A little Christmas table topper
 Some cushions. My eldest loves the green and red one. She even offered me £5 from her piggy bank. I guess I had better make one for her.
 My dad would like the yellow and blue cushion. I fear he will have to fight youngest child for it though, if I don't sell it. I still hope that I will sell some things.
 Because as much as I love my bags I can't have 10 of them.
 I also worry that people lie to me when they say that the things I make as saleable. What if they say this only to be kind.
 Pricing worries me a little too. I have been checking on Etsy and Dawanda and even local shops.
I have come to the conclusion that I probably won't make money but I  might make bak the cost of the fabrics. Hope I sell something....


  1. Love that taxi fabric, wish I could get that in the States, what make is it? I'm sure you'll sell your work, it's all looking fab. Looking forward to hearing how you go on :)

  2. Promise not to be too shockedd? It's a Robert Dyas tea towel