Monday, 15 October 2012

Craft fair - the aftermath

 Well this was our little stall. We had good fun but unfortunately it was a very quiet weekend.

The craft fair is organised by our local community art centre. We thought this was the first year that they were hosting the fair. Well the organisation and communication was all a bit hap hazard. It transpired that this was the fourth year of hosting a craft fair. Friend Anna (my co conspirator) and I live within 2 miles of the Community Art centre and this was news to us. However given the lack of advertising for this year's craft fair maybe not that's surprising.

Most of the visitors came along by chance because they were going to a performance at the centre or because they had popped in to have a cup of tea (it does have a nice cafe, I can recommend the club sandwich). 

Between us we earned back the entrance fee for the craft fair and some extra. Oh, and got some custom orders. We have a couple of leads for selling small bits via local shops, so all in all not too bad. We gained experience and knowledge, so I would call that a success.

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