Thursday, 31 May 2012

Retro skirt

My Aunt gave some fabrics to my father because she knows both my mother and I sew. I am not sure what the origins of this fabric are, it could be from my Grandmother's stash. I do know that my Aunt gave him the fabric when they were sorting through things after my Grandmother passed away last year.

My daughter fell in love with the print. It's quite retro I think. There wasn't much of it but enough for one skirt and maybe another for daughter 2.

I used McCall's pattern M5696. Very easy to follow and quick to make, I managed to make it in one day while the Daughters were at school. I even lined it. I must admit I didn't put a zip in it. My daughter is so slim that she needs elasticated waists. I hope for her that this will last for a long time. :-)

She is posing a bit on the picture. Shame she has refused to let me tidy her hair or clean her glasses. And I did iron her top before it went into her cupboard but she just stuffs them in.


  1. I agree with your daughter - this print is amazing!